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Mgr. art. Pavol Dubina

The sculptor Pavol Dubina (PALIDUB) was born in Bratislava in 1975. After graduating from Škola umeleckého priemyslu in Bratislava (the School of Industrial Art) in the field of stonemasonry (1990-1994), he went on to study at Vysoká škola výtvarných umení in Bratislava (the University of Fine Arts) (1994 – 2000) and spent two semesters at Kunst Fachhochschule in the German Kiel in the atelier of prof. Kerstin Abraham.In his work, his central idea is that “a sculpture is the physical embodiment of a poem.” Material-wise he prefers metal, specifically welded iron in chamber-size format. He has been playing around with different emotions since 2004 and is increasing his line of animal sculptures and zodiac signs in chamber and monument sizes such as are not available in the Slovak sculptor scene. Since 2006 he has dedicated himself to creative fountains and sculpting on a greater scale, completing significant projects. Firstly it was the Monument to the Victims of Extremism created in response to the tragic death of Daniel Tupý. A year later the Grey Bear was created for the eponymous golf club. It is equally important to mention Dubina’s collaboration on the statue of Milan Rastislav Štefánik that is over seven metres tall, and is erected today in the square in front of the new Slovak National Theatre building in Bratislava (2004 – 2009). Later on he added the following statues: a bronze Fairy Dudinka in Dudince, a large bronze statue of A. Malatinský in Trnava, the knight Bombura in Brezno, the Bronze Eagle in Valčianská dolina, a set of statues for the City Park in Nitra... At present he lives and creates interchangeably in Bratislava and Revištské podzámčie.


Email: palidub@gmail.com

Phone: +421 905 526 351

Address: Tupolevova 10, 851 01 Bratislava