Pamätník obetiam rasizmu a neonacizmu - socha raneného anjela z zváraného  bronzového plechu

Memorial to victims of racism and neo­nazism, Bratislava

Memorial to victims of racism and neo­nazism made of bronze sheets welded on a steel rail in 2007, on the second anniversary of death of Daniel Tupý. The memorial is designed by arch. PAVOL BRNA with an authorial cooperation in its execution of Pavol Dubina. The object height is more than 6 meters. The work was ordered by the father of the murdered student Daniel Tupý and Bratislava Municipality.

statue  ANTON MALATINSKY  Trnava

bronze statue Anton Malatinsky Trnava City arena 230 cm.

memorial sculpture Anton Malatinsky, bronze statue 2016 from City Arena Trnava


The memorial of Charles Robert of Anjou in Kremnica -­ bronze bust and design of the memorial of rhyolite

Design and execution of the memorial with a bronze bust of Charles Robert of Anjou based on the order of Kremnica Municipality, in 2010 the piece of work was placed on the main square of Kremnica

Rekonštrukcia interiéru bratislavského hradu

Interior reconstruction of the Bratislava Castle -­ modelling of rococo and supra­port frame copies according to original patterns and documents

Full reconstruction of rococo decorations of the Bratislava Castle from 2009 to 2011. The client was the National Council, the cooperation was subcontracted through Villard
Modeling of rococo ornaments of 3 hall according to authentic documents of stucco decorations of the Vienna Hoffburgu as well as picture and mirror frames that were originally in the Bratislava Castle premises ­ later during the reign of Maria Theresa moved for security reasons. Part of the re­modelled ornaments of the stucco decorations was then casted in plaster, cut, embedded on site and coated by gold. The second part is casted in plastic, as a temporary matrix was used as a base for carvers who then cut out ornaments in wood.

modelovanie  štukovej rokokovej výzdoby Bratislavského hradu v sále  č.2

Reconstruction of the Bratislava Castle interior -­ modelling of stucco rococo ornaments of hall 2

Bratislavský hrad - rekonštrukcia

Reconstruction of the Bratislava Castle interior -­ modelling of decorations in the Mirror Hall

rekonštrukcia interiéru hradu

Reconstruction of the Bratislava Castle interior -­ modelling of decorations in the Chinese Hall

Socha Milana Rastislava Štefánika

The sculpture of Milan Rastislav Štefánik molding of the clay model in plaster of J. Janda (made according t the original statue from B. Kafka) for subsequent casting in bronze

Molding of the M. R. Štefánik statue in clay for the plaster model for casting in bronze. Forming and molding of the clay model of 7.6m statue was performed in summer 2006 in Bratislava. The plaster cast of the statue was then cut, transported to Blansko foundries, casted in bronze. The statue was unveiled in front of the new National Theatre in Bratislava on 4 May 2009

7.6meters high statue, originally made by a Czech sculptor Kafka was destroyed shortly after its mounting in the beginning of the last century. The statue was remodelled by J. Janda in 2006. Funded by Doprastav a.s.


Fountain ­- Myjava in the Flow of Time

The fountain - Myjava in the Flow of Time -­ designed within the revitalisation of the Myjava centre by the author team of Balko-­Šuráni-­Dubina. The fountain combines several types of commonly used fountains in an unusual connection ­ a classic circular fountain, a creak sidewalk fountain and a dynamic attraction for children. This fountain in Myjava expresses the idea of information fading over time, it is expressed by its very shape at the end in the form of a whirl as well as bronze sheets bearing a reference to events taking place in the history of the locality.
Customer: Myjava Municipality, General Contractor of Cesty Nitra a.s. The total length of the fountain is 28 meters. It was made in 2011

socha,umelecké dielo, darček,fontána, umelá, skala, vodopád, vodná stena

The Elephant simulator for the Prague ZOO

Production of a realistic model of the Indian elephant with soft synthetic leather surface for mobile simulator of the Prague ZOO

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