Pali Dub: City statues and parks

bronze sculpture of Anton Malatinsky Trnava City Arena
sculpture ­- BENCH sandstone and wood
sculpture of BUTTERFLY
sculpture of BUTTERFLY
Temple of Soul, sculpture of oak
a leaf -­ garden chair, material: epoxide
bird feeder
fisch - trellis
fisch - trellis
stone sculpture INFINITY
material: rhyolite
stone sculpture, material: rhyolite
wooden sculpture
metal sculpture FEARS welded sheet
Memorial to victims of extremism,
bronze sculpture
design and implementation of the memorial of Charles Robert of Anjou ­ Kremnica / bronze and stone
bronze Fish -­ a part of the Myjava fountain
bronze sculpture Fairy, the guardian of the spring ­- a part of a fountain
bronze sculpture of a bear for the Grey Bear golf club
sculpture of an eagle -­ the Valčianska dolina golf resort
sculpture of a horse -­ the Rozálka equestrian center
sculpture of a bull - ­the Drevenica Revište recreation center
artistic expression Prayer desk material: stone, natural travertine
sculpture TAO ­ ROAD sandstone of Kralice
fountain Madunice
fountain ­- open air theatre Trnava
little fountain,­ playground Trnava
little fountain -­ spring
wooden sculpture -­ The Little Princess
sculpture as work of art
sculpture as work of art
sculpture as work of art


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